How to improve and extend the "life" of oil filter equipment?
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The oil filter is now a relatively common environmentally-friendly mechanical equipment. Customers often ask about the service life of the equipment. Under normal circumstances, our main engine is not easy to break. As long as the operation specifications, active maintenance for more than 10 years. There is no problem. According to the experience of the company's oil filter production and sales for more than ten years: 80% of the service life of the oil filter is the operation of the oil filter.

No matter the size, the oil filter machine is expensive and cheap. The customer should choose high quality and low price when choosing the oil filter. The beauty is the quality of the equipment and the fine workmanship. Therefore, the service life of the oil filter is still more important, according to the oil filter. Structure We can see why the operating procedures have such a large impact on the life of the oil filter.

First of all: the core components of the oil filter vacuum pump, oil pump, vacuum gauge, flow meter, etc. can be regarded as general precision instruments, especially those measuring instruments, because of their own vulnerability, may be damaged by accident. When we sent the accessories to the customers, there were damages to the solenoid valves and vacuum gauges, which could cause damage. Moreover, it was unimaginable in such a long time, let alone our oil filter equipment is basically It is naturally easy to damage in the workshop and other places where there are many people and dangerous places. In order to reduce such damage and prolong the service life of the oil filter, we require us to use the oil filter machine as much as possible, and the sequence of shutdown should be clearly remembered. Read the instructions carefully during the use process. Machine manufacturers send people to train when they do better to learn the operation skills, can not be sloppy, whether it is the oil filter machine manufacturers or oil filter users must pay attention.

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