Common sense of purchasing oil filter
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Oil filter products have been widely used in electric power, oil and gas, mining, machinery manufacturing, steel, metallurgy, chemical, railway, paper, pharmaceutical, shipping, shipping and various types. large enterprise. When there are many types of oil filter products on the market, and the shape, function, usage method and purchase cost of the oil filter equipment are completely different, so if the new and old users plan to buy the oil filter machine, please filter the filter.

Do some knowledge of the oil machine so that you can buy a product that is more suitable for you.

Users can further clarify the following questions according to the purpose of their choice of oil filter:

1.Types of oils to be treated (At present, the oils targeted by oil filters on the market are mainly transformer oil insulating oils, common common lubricating oils, turbine turbine oils, light fuels);

2.Whether there is a requirement for the total quantity of oil to be filtered and purified and the processing time;

3.Prepare how to use the oil filter, such as online installation, moving oil filter, maintenance, etc.

4.The main pollutants in the oil to be treated (either simply filtering impurities or moisture impurities need to be treated);

5.Whether the lubricating oil to be treated has special properties such as corrosiveness (whether it is necessary to neutralize the acid value, whether the oil is seriously oxidized, or whether there is a color treatment requirement);

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