Correct cleaning and replacement of filter element
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The most common two kinds of filter elements of oil purifier are the filter element for filtering impurities and the filter element for demulsifying water. The filter element for filtering impurities generally exists in all kinds of oil filters. Its function is to intercept the mechanical impurities and metal particles in the oil. Most of these filter elements are stainless steel sheet mesh filter element, and some fine filter elements are made of high molecular glass fiber filter element and paper filter element. The water separating filter element is made of aggregated material made of special hydrophobic cotton and hydrophobic cotton. This kind of filter element generally exists on the vacuum dewatering oil filter. This filter element does not have dirt. The replacement reference condition is that the filter element is saturated and the water separating effect is not obvious. Here we mainly talk about the stainless steel mat mesh filter element for filtering impurities. It is mostly threaded interface. When folding the filter element, the filter element can be rotated out. Cleaning with the same type of clean oil (or gasoline) can be combined with a soft capillary brush to scrub the surface of the filter element (the surface of the filter element can be removed and cleaned). After that, it is recommended to use an air compressor to aim at the threaded outlet of the filter element and blow air from inside to outside (which helps to clean the filter element more cleanly). Tips: If you don't use the equipment for a long time, it is recommended to clean the residual oil in the filter cartridge (especially in cold season) and not let the filter cartridge soak in the oil for too long, which can effectively prolong the service life of the filter cartridge. When it is necessary to filter high viscosity oil products, after each operation, the residual oil in the cylinder needs to be discharged. Because once the high viscosity oil on the filter core is cooled, it will adhere to the surface of the filter core. When used again, it is very likely that high pressure will be generated instantaneously because of the high precision of the filter element and the low oil content, which will result in the deformation and damage of the filter element. When the filter element is cleaned, the components are restored and the screw connection is checked. The higher the accuracy of the filter element, the less easy it is to clean thoroughly. Generally speaking, more than 40 micron filters can be repeatedly cleaned, on the contrary, 1-20 micron filters, the higher the accuracy, the less easy to clean, so the higher the accuracy, the more frequent the replacement. Therefore, when users choose oil filters, they do not need to choose high precision blindly. They should choose oil filters according to their actual usage, taking into account the comprehensive value of performance-price ratio effectively.
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