Do you know the maintenance methods of the oil filter?
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1.   Clean the filter in time

It is well known that the oil filter is a cleaning device for treating oils such as lubricating oil, so the machine is stained with various impurities. If these impurities are present and cannot be sorted out in time, they will cause some wear on the internal parts of the machine. Therefore, the maintenance personnel need to timely clean the filter of the device to keep the interior clean.

2.   Regular replacement of filter elements

The filter element is an important part of the filter oil filter effect in the middle. During the filtration process, all kinds of impurities adsorbed by the filter element are accumulated in the internal space, and the efficiency of the filter element will be greatly reduced in the future. Therefore, the maintenance personnel need to periodically replace the new filter element.

3.   On time inspection and overhaul

In addition to the need for additional attention to important filter components during the maintenance of the oil filter, other components such as pressure systems and control system components are also required to perform the necessary inspections and repairs on time. This type of work includes, but is not constrained by, dusting the parts or viewing and handling the insulation of the parts.


In general, after the customers who have the demand have purchased the high-quality products, there are still many operation requirements to arrange, for example, special personnel to carry out the maintenance of the very important routine oil filter. Maintenance can be divided into three aspects, namely, timely cleaning of impurities on the filter and punctual replacement of new filter elements, in addition to timely inspection of the operation of each structural part.


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