What is the cause of the deterioration of hydraulic oil?
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What is the cause of the deterioration of hydraulic oil? The deterioration of hydraulic oil, in addition to temperature, is related to the evaporation area, the gas space and sealing degree of the vessel, and the atmospheric pressure.

1. Mixing light oil into the hydraulic oil will lower the viscosity and flash point; if mixed with crude oil, the acid value and residual carbon will increase. Mixing oils containing different additives may improve the performance of the oil and may also degrade its performance. All of these indicate that once the dissimilar oil is mixed into the hydraulic oil, it will affect both the quantity and the quality.

2. Evaporation has an impact on the properties of the hydraulic fluid. For example, the evaporation of moisture from the aqueous hydraulic oil increases the concentration of the oil-in-water diethanol, increases the viscosity, and reduces the fire resistance; the evaporation of water also reduces the viscosity of the water-in-oil hydraulic oil.

3. Under the action of air, the hydraulic oil will oxidize and degrade, making it darker and the acidity will increase. It is worth noting that all kinds of metals are catalysts for oxidation, especially copper can accelerate the oxidation rate of oil.


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