Oil filter machine use and maintenance instructions
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1.When the oil filter is started, it should be noted that the oil pump cannot be reversed, so as to avoid the air pump shaft seal blowing out and causing the air to be sucked.

2.During the operation of the oil filter, the oil pump may take in air and affect the flow of the oil pump. In order to achieve the rated flow of the oil filter and ensure the normal operation of the fine filter, the exhaust valve should be opened in time to drain the air in the filter cartridge. (after the exhaust valve is discharged), close the exhaust valve in time after exhausting the air.

3.After using the oil filter for a period of time, if the oil filter is not properly blocked due to serious blockage of the coarse filter surface, causing excessive noise of the oil pump, the filter should be taken out for cleaning.

4.After using the filter element for a period of time, it is easy to be blocked by pollutants, causing the pressure of the filter cartridge to rise. When the pressure reaches 0.4MPa, the fine filter element needs to be replaced in time.

5.The oil suction and oil hoses used should be kept clean at all times.

6.If the oil filter does not pump out oil, please check that: a, the oil pump steering is correct; b, whether the seal between the fuel tank and the oil suction port is reliable, whether the oil suction port leaves the oil surface or the oil has been sucked; c. Whether the strainer filter is clogged.

7.The flow rate of the oil filter is significantly reduced. Please check whether the a, coarse and fine filter elements are clogged seriously; b. Whether the oil seal of the oil pump shaft is worn or blown due to reversal.

8.The filtration pressure suddenly drops. Please check if the fine filter element is broken down.

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