Difference of Hydraulic Oil and Turbine Oil
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Turbine oil, usually includes steam turbine oil, gas turbine oil, hydro turbine oil and anti-oxygen turbine oil, etc. It is mainly used for lubrication of sliding bearings, reduction gears, governors in  hydraulic control systems and associated motives. The role of turbine oil is mainly lubrication, cooling and speed regulation.


Hydraulic oil is mainly used for lubrication of bearing housings, gear boxes, low-pressure circulation systems or similar mechanical equipment circulation systems of various types of machine tools with ambient temperature above 0 °C. It can be used more than twice as long as mechanical oil. This product has good rubber sealability and its maximum service temperature is 80'C.


Therefore, according to the different features of hydraulic oil and turbine oil, we designed different type of purifier machine.

For hydraulic oil, we designed TYA series oil purifier machine;

For turbine oil, we designed TY series oil purifier machine.

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