How to build trust with customers quickly
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Need to be very clear about the equipment, from basic applications, to advanced applications, to problems encountered in the application, and its solution. Know all the parameters of the machine, the production process, the price of raw materials, can clearly tell customer the inspection method of our equipment , inspection process...


In short, as long as it is related to our equipment, we can answer very well ,and then let them be 100% certain that you are the expert of this line, if cooperate with you, you can help them solve the problems.




Understand the basic process of foreign trade, basic terms, from export documentation, payment methods, to package, unloading, you know very well .Then the customer believe that you are an expert in foreign trade, and there are no worries about working with you


3.Speak clearly

When negotiating, there must be no such words as maybe. If yes, i promise we can; If no. i am afraid I can’t.


4.Find your common hobbies


For new customers developing on the B2B website, you don't know each other. You need to find a common hobby with your customers. When you can resonate with the common hobbies, the trust will be created.


5.Say something from the customer's side


Don't promote the sale of goods regardless of the occasion, it will let the customer feel that you just want to earn his money. You should help him solve the problem from the customer's side.

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