Matters needing attention in oil purifier operation
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1. Operators should read the instructions carefully and be familiar with the operation methods of the equipment.

2. Operate in strict accordance with the instructions, strictly control the oil level of the tank, and prevent the oil from being sucked into the vacuum pump.

3. Check tubing joints and valves frequently for blockage and oil leakage. If there is any problem, stop immediately to check and deal with it.

4. During the operation of the vacuum oil purifier, when the outlet oil pressure >0.4Mpa, please check the reason. If there is blockage, please clean or replace the filter elements.

5. It is strictly forbidden to stack inflammables at the oil purifier. After replacing the oil filter paper, it should be cleaned up in time.

6. Smoking and fireworks are strictly prohibited at the working site of oil purifier. 

7. Operators should pay attention to the oil and motor operation, and strictly prohibit phase-absent operation.

8. After work, cut off the power supply and clean up the site.
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