Reasons and solutions for increasing viscosity of lubricating oil
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The high-viscosity lubricating oil vacuum oil filter machine can effectively purify high-viscosity lubricating oil, and can purify impurities, moisture, oxides, and the like. After filtering, the emulsified lubricating oil will be clear to meet the new oil standard for secondary recycling.

But what are the reasons for the increase in viscosity of lubricating oil?

When the user changes the oil to the machine, sometimes the oil becomes very viscous, which means that the viscosity of the oil increases. Viscosity is the most important indicator of lubricating oil. And the reasons for the increase in viscosity are as follows:

High temperature (oil temperature ≥ 70 ° C), lubricating oil oxidation, mixed with high-viscosity oil,

mixed with carbon, oil emulsified in water.

If you find the lubricant oil become viscous, you need to pay attention to these aspects

    1. Pay attention to whether the temperature of the equipment is too high, check the oil level during operation, not too high or too low

    2, the cycle rate of the oil tank should be reasonable, so that the bubble has enough time to escape from the oil, if necessary, install the tank baffle and bubble filter

    3, shorten the oil change cycle

    4. Avoid water and other impurities enter into the oil.

If you have payed attention to these problems, but the viscosity of the lubricating oil is still uncontrollably increased, then you need to purify it by our high-viscosity lubricating oil vacuum oil filter machine to reduce the viscosity, to reach new oil standard,and to save resources and costs.
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