Common faults and solutions of vacuum oil filter machine
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The vacuum oil filter machine is frequently used, and various faults are unavoidable in the process of use. This article summarized some common types of faults, so that the users can  judge and solve it timely.



1. The vacuum of oil purifier is not up to the technical standard

Reason: The oil fluids contain too much water and the exhausted gas contains too much water steam.

Solution: Purify the oil for several times to improve the oil temperature and evaporate the water vapor.


2. The pressure of oil purfier is greater than 0.4Mpa under normal working condition.

Reason: output pipe of is too long, the oil level is too high, the output diameter is too small or the pipe is too small, which leads to the difficulty of oil absorption.

Solution: change the length of oil pipe, or replace the oil pipe with a reasonable diameter.


Reason: The filter element contains too many impurities, which makes it difficult to absorb oil.The filter element is the core of the machine .The accumulation of impurities will make the filter element blockage , which lead to the increase of pressure.

Solution: replace the filter element


3. The temperature controller show nothing

Reason: The oil temperature thermometer didn’t work or the heater was burnt out, the line was cut off, or the contact arm did not match.

Solution: overhaul the line, replace the heater and adjust the temperature controller.


4. There is no pressure on the oil outlet pump,the oil output is insufficient.

Reason: The primary filter screen is blocked and the oil injection hole in the vacuum cylinder is blocked.

Solution: Disassemble the corresponding parts for cleaning.


Reason: Oil seal of the oil output pump air leakage .

Solution: adjust the oil seal press cover .
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