Vacuum Oil Purifier Operation Steps
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1.Start the vacuum pump to stabilize the vacuum between -0.070 and -0.095.


2.Open the inlet valve. When the vacuum tank reaches the center line, open the outlet ball valve first and then start the drain pump.


3.When oil inlet and outlet is normal, start the heater, and set the temperature between 50℃ to 65℃ .


4.When purifying the water-bearing oil, pay attention to observation, if the vacuum pump oil is emulsified, should inject vacuum pump oil in time .


5.The water separated from the oil will be deposited in the reservoir. When the water level shows that the water level has reached the upper limit, stop the machine to discharge the water from the drain valve,  and then continue to operate the machine.


6.Before the shutdown, shut down the heating system ten minutes in advance, stop the vacuum pump after temperature drop, stop the oil pump after exhaust, and finally turn off the power.


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