What should be paid special attention to when the oil filter is running?
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1.When using it on site, the oil suction pipeline should not be too long. The oil filter should be as close as possible to the transformer or oil tank to minimize the pipeline resistance and have good sealing.
2.The connecting pipe (including the fuel tank) must be completely cleaned beforehand.
3.Strictly follow the operation sequence, when the oil filter is started, the oil can be recycled, and the vacuum pump, oil pump and heater should be operated normally and the internal circulation should be good.
4.The purified oil contains a large amount of mechanical impurities and free water. The bottom water and impurities must be excluded before filtering with a vacuum oil filter, and other filtering equipment (such as centrifugal oil filter, pressure oil filter) The machine is fully filtered to meet the crude oil specifications required by the vacuum oil filter to affect the life of the oil filter. The operation of the oil filter (such as vacuum degree, flow rate, temperature, etc.) should be strictly monitored. The quality (breakdown voltage, etc.) before and after oil disposal should be regularly checked to monitor the purification effect of the oil filter.
5.During the operation process, the substation must also comply with the relevant regulations in the electric work safety regulations issued by the electric power industry.
6.Insulation measures should be taken for piping, vacuum tanks and other components during winter operations.


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