How to select the proper filtration accuracy of oil filter machine
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The selection of filtration accuracy is mainly decided by two factors:


1. Oil demand: For example, insulation oil can only reach high insulation value through high precision filtration.But gear oil has no so high requirement for impurities.


2. Oil viscosity.High viscosity oil can’t pass through the fine filter screen, if only emphasizes the oil cleanliness and chooses the precision filter net, then will add too much operation cost of machine , due to:

(1) the filter element is often blocked, requiring frequent cleaning and replacement .

(2) increase the axial pressure so that the oil can pass through the filter screen quickly, but it will crush the filter element.

(3) add preheating oil tank, improve temperature and reduce viscosity.


Generally speaking, precision selection of fine filtration is as follows:

(1) insulation oil, choose 1 ~ 5 μm.

(2) under 46﹟ lubricating oil, turbine oil, choose 10 ~ 20  μm.

(3) internal combustion oil ,gear oil,choose 20 ~ 50 μm

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