Reasons and Solutions of transformer insulation oil gas exceeding
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The reason for the excessive gas of the transformer insulating oil is very complicated, and the gas content is closely related to many factors such as the oil type, the solid insulating material, the protection mode of the oil, the structure of the transformer, the temperature, the pressure, the operating period and etc.

The transformer oil contains gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, ethane, acetylene, ethylene, and other hydrogen. The acetylene content that needs to be detected in the transformer oil in use can be obtained by chromatographic analysis. If it is to detect the total gas content in the transformer oil, it is necessary to use an insulating oil gas meter.

Whether the oil contains flammable or explosive acetylene or the total gas content exceeds the standard, it will seriously affect the insulation performance of the oil. Therefore, when the test fails, the vacuum degassing filter device must be used to remove the transformer oil or Effectively reduce processing.

When we find that there is excessive acetylene, we must use the two-stage high-efficiency vacuum oil purifier to degasify it, and it is also an essential oil processing equipment for many power plants and power maintenance companies! It is worth reminding that the acetylene in many new transformer oil is the result of the imperfect performance of the ordinary vacuum oil purifier, but the ZYD two-stage high-efficiency vacuum oil purifier with excellent performance can ensure zero acetylene. It adopts a two-stage high-efficiency vacuum unit to rapidly increase the overall vacuum and pumping rate, and efficiently and quickly removes moisture, gas and impurity particles in the transformer oil at a lower temperature, which can effectively shorten the transformer installation and maintenance period.
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