Vegetable Oil Dehydration Solution
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Vegetable oil, such as palm oil, Crude glycerol oil, cashew shell oil, etc, is widely used in our life, industrial and etc. Used vegetable oil usully contains large amount of liquid water, free water and dissolved water, which make the oil become emulsfied heavily and destroy the oil index and can not be used.


Now how to dehydrate used vegetable oil becomes a critical problem?

Our ZHONGNENG Brand TYA-S series stainless steel oil purification machine have put up with a efficient solution for this problem.

This ZHONGNENG Brand TYA-S Series machine, adopt vacuum dewatering method,combined with coalescence-separation dehydration filter, quickly and completely remove the liquid water, free water and 80% of dissolved water from the oil. After purification, the oil can be directly reused.


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