Pretreatment Solution for Used Cooking Oil
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Used cooking oil is often poluted by high moisture content, FFA content and other contaminant matters. It is unlikely to be directly reused by resturants and also a burden for environmental promotion.


But the UCO is a good raw material for producing biodiesel oil. There is an embrassment thing: How to improve the cleanness of UCO, as an raw meterial?The ZHONGNENG Branded TYA series Used Cooking Oil Purification & Recovery Machine has put with a pretreatment solution!


This TYA machine, combined the vacuum water separation system with the coalescence –separation filtering technology and high polymer materical filtration method, is applied to remove the water, gas, impurities and all other contaminants from the oil completely and high efficiently. After treatment, the cooking oil is clean enough to be the raw meterial of biodiesel.


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