BOD vacuum distillation plant-Non-renewable Oil Resource
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The earth is not producing any more crude oil at least in the short run as the crude oil is produced (as are all fossil fuels) from the remains of plants and animals over millions of years. 


To be considered renewable, a resource must be replaceable within a reasonable amount of time (days to years). Crude oil takes millions of years to replace, far too long for us to wait around for more to be made. 


There is a limited amount of fossil fuel oil in the earth and it is believed by most that we are using it faster than it takes for the earth to make it, millions of years. Some day we will run out of oil. The question debated is how soon. 


Crude oil is non-renewable oil resource and it’s precious, so we should make full use of it once we exploit it. Our BOD vacuum distillation plant has very high quality and high rate oil yield, it will help you make the most of it. Welcome to contact us freely!
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