Reliable Crude Glycerine Processing Solution
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As we all known, the crude glycerine is made of water, glycerine, and salt(NaCl). The quality of glycerine is up to its moisture content. The lower moisture content, the better glycerine. Generally speaking, the moisture content of crude glycerine is among 20%-40%. Therefore, water evaporation for crude glycerine is the most important thing. The ZHONGNENG Branded TYA-H crude glycerine purification machine have put up with a efficient solution for water evaporation.


TYA-H Crude glycerine purification machine, adopts duplex stereo-evaporation technology, coalescing separation and vacuum dehydration technology, with the aid of water circulated vacuum pump and plate type radiator, can fast and completely remove the water from the crude glycerine. After purification, the moisture content of oil is less than 50PPM. The purity of glycerine is greatly improved.

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