Decoloring Solution Distilled Base Oil
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Nowadays, waste oil, such as lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, and dark black engine oil is everywhere. The daily oil consumption is very huge in the whole word. Therefore, every day, the world will increase a large amount of waste oil.

In recent years, people put up with many solutions for waste oil recycling. The most popular solution is the waste oil distillation solution. But the end of the distillation system will also output some black oil after distillations, which have limited the output oil quantity and quality. This is an important issue, which are urgent to be solved.

Now, our company finds a solution for this issue. That is our TYC series lubricating oil regeneration machine:


This TYC series machine is used to remove the water, gas, impurities, acid matters and all other contaminants from distilled black oil. It can change the black oil into yellow transparent oil like the below:


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