Purify rapeseed cooking oil
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For making the good quality rapeseed oil from the rapeseed, at first, it is better to choose good quality rapeseed. Use 30 mesh inch screen for screening the rapeseed,so that impurity in the rapeseed will less than 0.5%, and then soften. The softened rapeseed contains moisture about 9%, and then steamed fried, steamed to make oil temperature up to 110-120 degrees, the water content is about l-1.5%, then you can put the rapeseed for pressing. Then you will get the crude rapeseed oil.

Then you need to filter the rapeseed oil and refine it.

We have COP Cooking Oil Purifier can solve your problem.

Our COP cooking oil is specially used for filter different kind of vegetables oil, like sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil.

It can dehydrate water under vacuum negative pressure,it can remove most of the free water in the oil and be able to break the severely emulsified oil and remove the micro-water. 

For the impurity removal, COP has three different precision filter with standard filter 80 u, 20 u, 5 u, more precise filter can be customized as you need, the impurities in the frying rapeseed oil will be removed more than three times in the machine.

So after treatment by our COP, you will get a clean clear rapeseed oil and then can be edible directly. We make this machine raw material stainless steel, it is very safe to eat.

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