New Order LY Series Plate Pressure Frame Oil Purifier
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LY oil purifier is specially designed for power plants, substations, power supply, oil depots and some related oil filtering companies to filter oil, such as capacitor oil, spindle oil and insulating oil, to filter the impurities and moisture so as to improve the pressure resistance of oil. The oil purifier has an excellent purification effect on waste oil.

Oil purifier is consist of the gear wheel pump, filter, safety valve, return valve, filter bed, rear bracket, chassis, rod, coupling and motor components. The gear pump and the motor are mounted on the chassis, and the filter is mounted on the front side of the gear pump. The filter is equipped with a return valve, the filter bed installed in the gear pump above, during which the filter box replace the composition of the filter room orderly. The filter paper is sandwiched between the filter plate and the center of the filter frame.

The oil was sucked from the filter inlet, the large impurities was removed by filter, then was sucked into the gear pump.The oil under the function of gear pump in the motor under the action of the rotation of the squeeze force was flowed into the filter bed. And then the oil cone from the tubing. When the oil pressure exceeds the specified value,safety valve immediately launched, so that the oil in the oil pump in their own cycle, the oil pressure is no longer become higher to ensure the safety of equipment. Then oil samples from the oil valve for for test.


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