The importance of used oil recycling
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The importance of used oil recycling


Oil is widely used in various lines by personal, enterprise and government. With the improvement of living standard and the development of science & technology progress, more and more individual vehicles and industrial equipment require oil. In this way, the recycle of used oil becomes increasingly important for us, in this competitive world, it not only helps to protect the environment and sale money, but also a good means to improving the competitiveness of enterprises.


Our company is specialize in oil recycling field for over 20 years, we are specialize in manufacturing machines to recycle various polluted oil, used oil and waste oil. Since different oil need different machines to treat, below list are some choices for you:


---Used automobile oil


In today’s world, cars are an important and necessary part of everyday life. All cars require engine oil and other fluids like transmission and brake fluid to run properly. Our BOD series vacuum distillation machines have a very good performance in recycling used automobile oil, it could remove all black color out from used oil, so that you will get very pure color oil for reuse or resell it.


---Used lubricant oil


Lubricant oil from various lines,such as medical facility, industrial production equipment and vehicles, are all suitable for our TYA series vacuum oil purifier, it could remove all water, gas, particles etc from polluted lubricant oil, after treated you could reuse it again.


---Used insulating oil


Insulating oil include transformer oil, switch oil, mutual inductor oil and so on, they are widely used in power station and other electric power industries. We provide ZY, ZYD series machine to treat aging insulating oil, after treated it will product your equipment work in more good condition and save your money in buying new oil.


Beside, we still have COP series stainless steel machine for food grade oil, LY plate pressure machine, JL mini filter machine and other models according to your oil problem, please feel free to contact us and tell us your oil problem, we’ll provide you the most suitable machine!

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