Heating Oil Purification Solution
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Heating Oil Purification Solution


Heating oil is kind of special oil, used to indirectly transfer heat. It is featured with good stability, uniform heating, accurate temperature control, good heat transfer effect and energy saving. Heating oil has been widely used in various industries, such as Application industry, Fine Chemical industry, Energy industry and etc.

But the service life of heating oil is up to the viscosity, flash point, acid value and residual carbon of the oil. How to reuse the waste heating oil? The ZHONGNENG TYC Waste Oil Purification and Regeneration Machine put up with a solution for heating oil.


The ZHONGNENG TYC machine is applied to purifying and recovering various kinds of waste oil, such as heating oil and etc. After purification, it makes the heating oil become clean and good enough to be reused by equipment and machinery


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