The influence of Brent oil prices rose in China
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The influence of Brent oil prices rose in China

On March28 to April 12,the unit price of Brent oil from about $50 / barrel rose to $56.57/barrel. The price of Brent oil increased about 13% during the 12 trading days, which is the highest international oil prices rose in 10 days at this year.


Affected by this, on April 12, Development and Reform Commission announced that rose the price of domestic refined oil after the two consecutive downgraded. The price of gasoline rose 200 yuan per ton, diesel oil increased 190 yuan per ton, which also is the highest price rose of refined oil in China this year,


From the national average point,the view of different brands’ oil price adjustment, 90 gasoline per liter raised 0.15 yuan, 92 gasoline per liter raised 0.16 yuan, 95 gasoline per liter raised 0.17 yuan, while 0 diesel rose 0.16 yuan per liter.


At the same time, the recent changes in China's refined oil consumption tax news also made the market attention. The news saied that as gasoline and diesel blending oil mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons and light cycle oil and other oil products will be included in the range of consumption tax, and the news has also been confirmed by the head of a state-owned refinery.


This means that, except gasoline and diesel oil products become the scope of consumption tax levy on May, which will affect the entire oil price market without any doubt.

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