2017 New Year Order for TY-50 Turbine Oil Purifier
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2017 New Year Order for TY-50 Turbine Oil Purifier


One customer placed an order for our TY-50 Turbine Oil Purifier during our chinese new year holiday .Thank you for the nice customer


TY series oil filtration and vacuum purifier

It is used for thermal vacuum dehydration and degasification for Turbine  oil  in order to withdraw free and soluble water, gas as well as for removal of particulatesThe system consists of pre-filter, coalescer  filter (optional) , oil heater, vacuum pump, vacuum vessel, fine filter .


Principle of operationFirst of all,  delivering oil into oil heater. Oil heating up to +55°C...-...+65°C is carried out by vacuum power. From oil heater through the pre-filter the oil moves to the vacuum vessel whereas dissolved water and gas in the oil under vacuum, vapor is drawn off by vacuum pump, from the vacuum vessel the dehydrated oil is drawn off by the pump through the fine filter.

Wish we ZHONGNENG company receive more orders,and give best service to all our customers!


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