Cutting-edge Technology Applies in Zhongneng Insulating Oil Purification
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Cutting-edge Technology Applies in Zhongneng Insulating Oil Purification


Recently, ZHONGENG Corporation have researched and developed a new cutting-edge technology that is Double-stage evaporation System, which can greatly improve the effect of separating water from the insulating oil, so as to upgrade the breakdown voltage. It is especially suitable for the Ultra-high Voltage transformers, power equipment and etc.

Double-stage evaporation system consists of two vacuum water-separation systems, newest sprinkler with multi-point spray. The two vacuum water-separation systems are not only improve the ultimate vacuum degree (up to 2Pa), but also completely separate the free water, dissolved water, waste gasses (such as Hydrogen, acetylene) of insulation water. The newest sprinkler, the ZHONGNENG patented technology, enables the separated free water, dissolved water to be promptly atomized and waste gasses to be volatilized.

For more details, welcome all customers to visit us and inspect this newest technology.


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