A Brief Introduction of Waste Oil and Recycling Solution
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     A Brief Introduction of Waste Oil and Recycling Solution


     Oil is a non-renewable resources, the rapid development of industry and modern social demand for energy increased sharply over the use and consumption of oil. And the oil in the process of refining, storage, transport and use, may have entered the water and impurities; because of oxidation temperature and air breathing, or other reasons, the oil will be aging, deterioration, pollutant in oil production will promote the further deterioration, oil decomposition, harmful gas sulfur dioxide, so that the oil color, acid value, viscosity, flash point, breakdown voltage, moisture content and other physicochemical properties will change, when the concentration of pollutants in oil exceeds the corresponding requirements or physicochemical indexes beyond a certain range of standard, it became waste oil. The contaminated waste oil without regeneration treatment not only result in waste, it will also lead to serious environmental pollution.

     Vacuum molecular distillation technology witch adopted by our BOD machine is the most advanced technology to regenerate waste oil by far, it take advantage of the boiling point difference between oil molecule and other waste molecule, by raising temperature and reducing pressure to separate different fraction, this technology has the advantages of low operation temperature, low pressure, short heating time, good separation effect etc.

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