Instructions for Insulating Oil Purification
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Instructions for Insulating Oil Purification

The purpose of instructions is to further oil conservation by providing information for the purification of used insulating oils by mechanical means, making them suitable for reuse as insulating fluids.


Nowadays, three measures are widely recognized and applied in the insulating oil purification.

DRYING METHOD can be considered as any process that reduces and maintains at a low level the material's water vapour pressure.

PURIFICATION or RECONDITIONING of insulating oil is the process of removing moisture, dissolved combustible gas and particulate matter, as determined by oil and transformers' tests.

REGENERATION or RECLAIMING of insulating oil is the process of removal of contaminants and products of degradation such as polar, acidic or colloidal material, as determined by oil and transformer tests.


Based on these steps, ZHONGNENG Group has developed Double-Stage Vacuum Insulating Oil Purification Plant, which is very popular among customers both in home and abroad. It can be used for purifying insulating oil as well as vacuum oiling and drying for power transmission equipment that is over 110KV.

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