What's the difference between high-speed diesel and normal diesel?
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What's the difference between high-speed diesel and normal diesel?

The fuel which we use in compression ignition engine or diesel engine is called as diesel.

Diesel is generally categorized in two parts
1)HSD: High speed diesel
2)LDO: Light diesel oil

HSD is normally used in the engine which runs above 750rpm such as in buses, locomotives, trucks etc.

And LDO is used in below 750 rpm engines. Generally it is used in steady engines or to burn in furnace.

The one which we get on petrol pumps/diesel pumps across the nation is HSD.

Again it is classified by various companies as turbo, jet, extra mile etc

The only difference in those diesels is that they just add imported chemical in regular diesel which signifies its use in cleaning of injector, removal of carbon deposits form cylinder and to impart smoothness in drive.

It is recommended to use xtra mile diesel after running the car for about 10k in order to get the car tunned.

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