Useful Tips For Using Vacuum Oil Purifier
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Useful Tips For Using Vacuum Oil Purifier


When you operate vacuum oil purifier onsite, maybe you will meet some problems. Here are some useful tips:


Connect the oil inlet and outlet hose tightly, closed all the valves.


Connect three phase, four wires power supply cables and the safety earth wire, check if the circuit is connected and reliable. It is very important to make sure the electric control is ready for use, and safe enough.


Start the vacuum pump, wait until vacuum value reaches to -0.08 MPa, then please open the oil inlet valve, observe tank oil at sight glass. Open outlet valve when tank oil level reaches to the middle of sight glass.


During normal operation, you need to keep the oil inlet and oil outlet at a balance.Turn on the electrical heater switch, set the heating temperature that you needed (usually we suggest 50 – 70 ℃). If there is high water content in oil, the foams in the vacuum tank will increase, and this may cause the oil outlet of the oil pump slow, then you should adjust the air valve. Besides, please observe the performance of other components, for example, if you find the value of pressure guage reach to -0.3 MPa, it means the filter is blocked by impuritiers and needs to be cleaned or replaced with new one.


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