If the oil filter cartridge is clogged, what can you do ?
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If the oil filter cartridge is clogged, what can you do ?


   How to clean the oil filter cartridge: When your vacuum oil filter or three filter cartridge is blocked, how to clean it? Can it be used after washing it?


1). Whether vacuum oil purifier or three filter filling machine, the main method of the filtering impurities or mechanical filtration to achieve the purpose to improve the accuracy of a filter is to progressively reduce the density of filter net. Therefore, you can see during the equipment working, the first stage filter is easily clogged with impurities, it appears the outlet yield is smaller than the amount of oil into the first stage, and also it is  more slowly than the oil.

2). Approach: remove the first filter cover, remove the filter net,clean with the same type of clean oil (or gasoline), restore dry and then reset the filter net to filter, then you can work again.


3) identify the secondary filter and fine filter, should it be cleaning, please note the above filter pressure gauge. When the filter pressure gauge reaches 0.3Mpa, stop the equipment operation, and remove the upper screws, removing the cover.


 4) filter is threaded connection, rotatable remove the filter.


5) of the same model with a clean cleaning oil (or gasoline) to clean, can be used with a capillary soft brush to scrub the surface of the filter (the filter surface can be clawed cleaning), after completion, we recommend the air compressor filter element aligned threaded mouth, blowing from the inside out (which helps filter cleaning more clean).

 6) After cleaning, the various components restore and check the screw connections are secure.           

   Although filters can be cleaned, but still hope that the majority of customers during the working of the oil purifier, we should always pay attention to changes in pressure gauge readings, timely shutdown over-pressure device to prevent the pressure filter was crushed, so that it can effectively extend the oil filter machine filter life. After such device comes with over-pressure shutdown alarm system, then the alarm will sound and timely remove the filter for cleaning!

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