Zhongneng ZY Insulating Oil Treatment, Electric Diala Oil Filtration
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Zhongneng ZY Insulating Oil Treatment, Electric Diala Oil Filtration

Recently our new customer from Indonesia who nee the dila oil purifier machine, which oil belongs to insulation oil and dielectric oil too.

And we recommend customer our ZY high efficiency insulating oil treatment machine.


ZY Oil Purifier Application:

This type of machine adopts thermal vacuum dehydration and degasification of electrical insulating oils in order to withdraw free and soluble waste, gas and to remove particulates effectively. The product is widely applied to areas of power station, power company, transformer substation, railway, petroleum, chemical and metallurgy.


The product is also a special facility of electric power and industrial enterprises for treatment of various insulation oils including non-conformable transformer oil, mutual inductor oil and circuit breaker oil, and diala oil. as well as a best choice for vacuum oiling of power equipment and drying of moisture of power equipment.


Welcome to send us enquiry for your oil problems solution!


Zhongneng Team

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