About Cooking Oil Purification Machine
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About Cooking Oil Purification Machine
Recently, more and more customers inquire about our TYA Stainless Steel Cooking Oil Purification Machine. Now we choose the common concerned questions to explain:
Q:What’s the application of cooking oil purification machine?
A: It can fast remove the water, gas, impurities from cooking oil under vacuum condition without chemical use and oil quality damage. After purification, the cooking oil can be reused. This TYA machine also can do pre-treatment if you want to get high quality bio-diesel oil.
Q:After purification,does the cooking oil can be sell oil for the restaurants, hotels, home so on ?
A: Yes, it can be sell oil for the restaurants, hotels, home and so on.
Q: What’s the cost of purifying cooking oil?
A: The cost is very cheap. It only needs the TYA machine and electricity.
Q: No are necessary additives chemical in the process?
A: Yes, do not need chemical additives. The whole processing is pure physical.
Q: What is the main maintenance of machine?
A: It’s simple. Regularly check the machine for normal operation. Specific info please kindly contact with us.
Q: The machine is only for purifying used cooking oil?
A: It also can be used for purifying various kinds of vegetable oil.
For more details, please contact with us directly.
Welcome to visit us and see this machine on site.

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