Zhongneng New Development Testers for Transformer Oil
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Zhongneng New Development Testers for Transformer Oil

As a leading transformer Oil Purifier in Chongqing,China, we have developed many types vacuum insulation oil purifiers and transformer oil BDV testers.

In order to meet the high precision transformer oil quality after purification , ZHONGNENG technical enginners developed DEW POINT TESTER AND TENSION TESTER,now successfully public listed for new and old customers.

Instructions for the new product as follows

dew point meter
It adopts high performance dew point transmitter as the core measurement unit of the entire system.It integrates multiple up-to-date research achievement and proprietary technology in measurement of dew point, and it has the function of Td,RH,ppm conversion and software upgrading. It is one of existing dew point measurement instruments with the most advanced technique and the most powerful function.

Tension tester

The tester, adopting “platinum ring method”, tests various liquid interface tension(interface between liquid and air) and also that between mineral oil and water(interface between liquid and liquid) by means of automatic control of internal microcomputer under circumstances of nonequilibrium. Testing only requires pouring liquids into sample cup and then pressing “start” button. Then tester can finish total test and calculate tension value automatically according to concrete input parameters.

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