The importance of used engine oil recycling
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The importance of used engine oil recycling

Used engine oil is incredibly toxic stuff and a gallon can contaminate one million gallons of water. Pouring it on land doesn’t reduce the risk either as it can seep down into the water table as well as rendering the soil incapable of sustaining plant life.

Used oil doesn’t wear out – it just gets filthy. It can be cleaned of contaminants and recycled continuously. It can even be cleaned to the point where it can be reused as engine oil.

The dirty oil goes through the same refining process as oil that is extracted from wells, so it’s not exactly a “green” process, but it doesn’t have the added environmental impact of the extraction. 

New engine oil made from recycled oil meets the standards used in the industry lubrication industry. According to the American Petroleum Institute, re-refined oil is of as high a quality as a virgin oil product.

The recycling process is as follows:

– Removal of any water
– Filtering to remove solids and additives
– De-asphalting to remove bituminous content
– Distillation
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