Features&Function of ZY High Efficiency Vacuum Oil Purifier
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Features&Function of ZY High Efficiency Vacuum Oil Purifier

Model ZY high efficiency vacuum oil purifier is mainly used for:
1. It is special for purifying various Insulating oils, including unqualified transformer oil, mutual inductor oil, switch oil, and so on.
2. It is widely applied to areas of power station, transformer substation, railway, petroleum, chemical and metallurgy. Also it is the best choice for filling oil into power equipment and drying moisture of power equipment. 
3. It can be used to stop onsite oil adding,oil filling and vacuum pumping for electric insulating equipment.
4. This machine also can be used for Regeneration and purification of transformer oil with mild degeneration, make the oil after treatment reach new oil’s standard.

Main features of ZY:
1. Small and portable, its half the weight when compared with other similar products.
2. Increasing capabilities of regeneration waste oils. The previous vacuum oil purifier is single devote to dewatering and degassing. ZY machine has increased the oil purification system, and combined oil purification with impurities romoving. After impurities has been removed from mild degeneration transformer oil, through the function of adsorption and regeneration of oil purifier, makes transformer oil  reaches the standard value again.
3. Multi-use of one machine. This is an important feature of ZY machine! Because of machine is used in the field, heated oil should be cicycled between oil purifier machine and equipment. So oil filtering, regeneration, and circulation these three functions can be stopped at the same time. The labor and time are saved, as well as.

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