Tips for Removing Impurities Of Vacuum Oil Filter Machine
Tips for Removing Impurities Of Vacuum Oil Filter Machine
Vacuum oil filter machine will produce a lot of impurities in the process of normal using. If it isn’t been cleared in time, it will seriously affect machine’s performance and work efficiency,so what should be pay attention to when you clean up the impurities?
1.You should pay special attention to the stainless steel wire mesh.It can not be deformed or damaged when cleaning impurities.Otherwise,the filter media after filtered cannot arrived at the designed requirement.the compressor pump and instruments and other equipment will be destroyed.
2. If you found that the stainless steel wire mesh is damaged,then it needs to be replaced immediately. Because the filter element of vacuum oil filter machine is composed of special materials,which are easily to be damaged, and it needs special protection.
3.When oil filter machine work after a period of time, the oil filter element blocked a certain amount of impurities. At this time the pressure increases, flow rate decreased, it is time to remove impurities in the machine, cleaning filter element, as well as.

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