Tips for recycling used oil and batteries from cars
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The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation have teamed up to remind residents to recycle used oil and lead-acid batteries from their vehicles.
On Tuesday, the agencies reminded New Yorkers to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible, especially when handling used oil and lead-acid batteries.

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According to the agencies, they could have a dangerous impact on the environment and the health and safety of state residents if not handled properly.
New York state law provides numerous locations for a person to recycle used oil. State law also states that any establishment that services vehicles and sells at least 500 gallons of new oil a year, must accept used oil from the public.
Up to five gallons per person a day must be accepted at no charge.

The NYS DMV and DEC provide these tips for changing and recycling used oil:
- Drain pans, containers and filters completely
- Store oil in a clean, rigid, screw-capped plastic container
- Don't mix used oil with other materials
- Never dump oil into the environment

Cars, trucks, recreational vehicles and boats use lead-acid batteries. It is illegal to dispose of a dead battery in the trash. There is a civil penalty of up to $50 for each violation of illegally disposing of a dead battery.
The agencies tell people to recycle dead batteries to a retailer when you purchase a new one.
The retailer will charge a $5 "return incentive payment" if the battery is not recycled immediately. It will return the money if the battery is returned within 30 days.
State law requires retailers to accept used batteries from customers. Distributors must accept used batteries from their retailers.

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