Our New customers witnessed with us the power of the BOD oil distillation system
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Our New customers witnessed with us the power of the BOD oil distillation system

Last week, our overseas customers especially came to china to have a visit to our company. And to see the experiment of our BOD base oil distillation machine.
The purpose of BOD base oil distillation plant is to re-refine industrial waste oils(including equipment lubricants, metal-working oil and process oil) and used automotive lubricants( such as engine oil, hydraulic oil and gear oil) to new base oil.

Our company made great efforts to find new technology in vacuum distillation plant, which can distill all kinds of waste oil into new fresh base oil with high recovery rate. This plant is easier to operate at lower cost.

We show this to our new customer by model experiment,and we all saw the process of how black dirty engine oil turn to new base oil by BOD distillation machine. This machine regenerated the waste oil completely!

After machine’s performance has been fully accepted to meet their requirements as expected, customers are very satisfied and happy with the result of the experiment and our BOD system, and they decided to place order to us on-site.

Zhongneng’s various oil purifier machines and oil distillation system can  help you save your oil cost and earn money from oil market. Don’t hesitate and wait, come to visit us and you will know how we can help you on waste oil treatment area.


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