ZHONGNENG transformer oil purifier exported to Pakistan
DATE:2015-3-20  FROM:Zhongneng Group  AUTHOR:ZHONGNENG NEWS GROUP  DOWN:1686
  Recently, ZHONGNENG 10 sets of transformer Oil purifier manufactured exports in Pakistan. Land along with technology as high-quality Oil purifier, vacuum Oil purifier oil purification equipment based manufacturer with the independent import and export rights granted by the State, every year the export of small quantities, export record for the state tax should be made contribution.


Oil purifier and vacuum oil is mainly used for filtration of solid impurities in the oil, water, improve the performance of oil machinery and equipment. With pressure filtration or vacuum evaporation - Pressure filtration method to remove solid impurities are not pure oil and water filtration units. Oil purifier oil is mainly used to improve electrical insulation properties and the purity level of lubricant.


ZHONGNENG Division, as well-known oil treatment, oil purification equipment manufacturer, to provide 28 categories, more than 100 models of Oil purifier, vacuum oil products for domestic and overseas purchase inspection.

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