Tenth Anniversary Celebration
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Tenth Anniversary Celebration

 Outdoor Training of  Black Mountain Valley Detachments


Towering decade, grateful to you.
Decade ZHONGNENG, your peers

August,the heat of summer,ZHONGNENG business ushered 10th birthday. Looking back over the past decade, we have made a series of great scientific and technological achievements, has become the largest, most technologically advanced vacuum oil purifier high-tech industries, and has become the industry leader in the oil filter. So far, we have received hundreds of absolutes device patents, more than 150 countries overseas partners around the world,The company will continue to make breakthroughs in product design, strive for oil purifier industry to make greater contributions.


Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., 10th Anniversary Celebration,outdoor training of the first batch  staff, went to Black Mountain Valley with scenic waterfalls and canyons surrounding to held the training. On 1. August,2014


Hone team will, melt refining teamwork
Through the team's formation, integration, display, employees enhance understanding and communication skills to inspire the spirit of creating outstanding team.

On the other hand, under the intense work pressure, close to nature, feel the green grass blue sky, flying hearts, help improve work efficiency, mobilize enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the company's humanities building and sustainable development.




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