Acting Oil Minister Vows to Protect Environment and Oil Areas

Acting Oil Minister Vows to Protect Environment and Oil Areas

Khartoum - Acting Oil Minister Ali Ahmed Osman yesterday pledged to enforce all proposals of environment protection workshop, adding that his ministry has provided a good example in environment protection and providing services and reconciling with the communities surrounding the oil production.

This came while addressing the opening session of the environment protection workshop within the framework of institutional governance, which was organized by the Ministry, in cooperation with the secretariat of NEPAD and the African Peers Mechanism.

Osman said that environment protection is present in all their work in the ministry and working companies since the beginning of exploration, leading to the production stage, where the ministry has obliged companies to pay attention to the environment and the development of local communities.

This is through involving them in skilled and specialized jobs and training them on all forms of jobs, announcing the completion of initial perceptions of a committee which deals with large pastoral projects in the areas of production, as well as providing basic services to schools and hospitals.

He expressed hope that the workshop proposals contribute to the development of oil areas and preserve the environment.

Secretary General of the NEPAD, Dr. Ibrahim Dagash reviewed efforts by the African Peers mechanism by benefiting from the experiences of others in the face of climate change caused by pollution.

He called on industrialized nations to compensate the poor African countries and assist in the reconstruction of the environment, stressing the responsibility of large corporations to the communities.

Several papers were presented during the workshop, which included institutional governance, NEPAD, the African Mechanism and the social responsibility, protection of the Red Sea environment, the control of the environment in the petroleum industry and the forestry and its role in the protection of the environment.


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