Happy Travel -- Chishui Great Waterfall
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Happy Travel -- Chishui Great Waterfall

After longtime& high-strength work and for relax, Zhongneng company organized a pleasant two-day nature travel for encouraging and reward to the most hard worker and zhongneng stars to Chishui Great Waterfall, located in Chishui, Guizhou Province, which is near Chongqing city.

Chishui is one of famous bamboo hometowns. All around the mountains in Chishui are planted with Bamboo only with very few other trees. Most rustic home-building are made by bamboo. Also because of the bamboo’s sterilization& moisture absorption, there are many bamboo ware such as bamboo fiber towel, bamboo pillow……

Chishui also is one of the famous waterfall hometowns. The tour guide joked to us” In your rest life, you couldn’t enjoy so many falls that can catch up to you enjoyed in Chishui here.”

All the staff had a great time on this journey.

Here share photos with you:

Zhongneng Travel


Chishui Great Waterfall (width 81M,height 76M)


Alsophila Spinulosa(Hook.) Tryon---National Secondary Protection Plant


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