The importance of the standardized management
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Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd has built a group to perfect and reform company’s system recently, with recruiting some young talented managers. Mr Zeng fantian is appointed as the group leader, Mr He zhongyi and Mr Tan fei as the vice-chair.


All the members from the group have studied the principle of management and complementary, and also the importance of perfecting the company system. The contents included:


System and culture are the to basic ways to manage company.  An excellent enterprise must own the perfect system, standardized managements and shared culture.


Enterprise management system are about many rules, they can help enterprise to achieve the great benefit, they also come with mandatory, and they are also the way to guarantee some right. These system contain personnel system, manufacturing management system , democratic management system and so on. The standardized management system is the way and method for company to achieve goal. It only can restrain staffs, but also can protect them. Therefore, the enterprise need the management system to make sure company run regularly.


The right management system should be effective, reasonable and good for the development of the company, it not only can increase staffs’ work efficiency and quality, but also can deeply increase company’s management effectiveness and competitive power。 So there will be a harmonious,competitive and well-organized working environment。


Then it is also a important thing to draw up the system, responsibilities and authorities should be clear in order to guarantee all of us can work regularly, and the system also shouldn’t change at random, and it must be shown as documents.


Implement management is the key to build the system. We need teams during the implement management, because we can do that only depend on a person or some persons. In order to execute the system more efficiently, we should let staff know and understand the system. The management system is not only good to staff, but also good to company, so the managers should set themselves as examples to staff. If there is someone breaks the rules, no matter who he/she is, he/she should be punished, then it can really and actually build the management system.


 Implement management also need follow the tracks of the implement, it means managements department should find how the system is implemented. And if there are some defects about the system, we should correct and abolish the expired system, then we can guarantee the management is effective and appropriate。


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