The Celebration of Women's Days
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As the International Women’s Day is coming, our company began to prepare for the celebration from March 1st, 2012. Ten o’clock on March 8th, the celebration meeting started on time. Firstly, general manager Mr. Zeng on behalf of the whole company, expressed greetings and blessings to all women. He also praised that the company female workers hold up half of the sky in Zhongneng and the society.


Mr. Zeng talked about the outstanding women from ancient to modern times who had made great contribution to country and human society. When talked about our company, Mr. Zeng showed his respect to Zhongneng’s female workers, including his wife, Ms. He. If without the contribution and hard working of women team, Zhongneng could not get such success and development.


In the celebration, Ms. Yue xuemei, showed the best wishes on behalf of company labor union, and announced the list of women pace-setter, and awarded the prize together with general manager. All representatives in the celebration gave their best blessing to all women of the world with their short but sincerely words.


At the end of the celebration, leaders of company awarded gift ‘Perfect Women special cup’ to all our women workers, and expressed cordial greetings and highest respect.
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