Make Our Tribute to Chongqing Model Creation
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Chongqing is creating ‘environmental protection model city of China’ currently. Huang Qifan claimed that, until June of this year, Chongqing must be beat the target of "Evaluation index reach to comprehensive standard, all projects get fully operated", and strive to get through the national acceptance at the first half of 2013. At the same time with the propagandized the Model Creation; Chongqing relevant government office started the activity ‘Collect 100 environmental protection stories from citizens’ between the periods of October 25th to November 23rd last year. Since our city has started the Model Creation, we have made great success, especially last year, 2011. Around the theme of ‘Creating environmental protection model city in China, upgrading the quality of city life’, all districts in chongqing has hold many activities to propagandize and enhance citizens environmental protection awareness. Now much people have participated in this project, and the atmosphere of ‘Everyone involved, construction and sharing’ increasing day by day.

Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd party committee held the meeting of ‘Make our tribute to Chongqing Model Creation' today.

In the meeting, Mr. Zeng, our General Manager, pointed out that in this year, 2012, we should make our effort to innovation, and should be part of protecting environments, overcome the existing difficulties and strengthen our workers awareness of environmental protection.
Mr. Zeng also emphasized that the oil purifiers that we manufacture are in the aim of energy saving and environmental protection. We must control the products quality strictly, because waste a drop of oil is polluting a piece of land.
During the meeting, the party committee of our company and related person spoke enthusiastically, put forward their own plan about the tribute to Chongqing Model Creation. 

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