The First Stage of February
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With internal statistics of sales orders, within the first ten days in February, the total amount of sales contracts value is more than $190.000. The largest single contract is worth $130.000 from Kris Ai, salesman of our international trade department, and the customer is from North Africa.


Talking about Kris Ai, who is a common sales staff of our company, but he has the spirit of wolf, solidarity and strong will. By his hard work and skilled knowledge of product and foreign languages, he won foreign customers’ highly appreciated and established good business relationships. He lunched the first most beautiful shot of the first stage.


In our Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co. Ltd, we have many good workmates like Kris Ai, they work hard and fight for the great future of our company, and also for the brightness life chapter of themselves. Let’s cheer for them.



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