The Morning Meeting of 2012 February
DATE£º2012-2-4¡¡ FROM£º¡¡ AUTHOR£º¡¡ DOWN£º1923
n the first phase of the work of the new year£¬the routine weekly meeting was held as scheduled£¬and the company¡¯s administrative director of the office spoke first£ºAccording to the basic system reform of our company this year£¬he talked about the following£º1¡¢Each department of the company should return the last week¡¯s work content and the relevant problems and proposed solution in written form the day before the weekly meeting. 2¡¢Emphasized the reporting procedures and so on..

At the meeting£¬Mr Zeng Fantian£¬the general manager£¬reported the sales and financial situation of last week for all the staff. According to the related data display£¬the first week sales of our company reached 1000£¬000 yuan. Sales in the first week exceeded sales of the company¡¯s expected target£¬and so did the financial payment.

Mr Zeng spoke highly of everyone¡¯s work at the meeting£¬and he saw the hope in the year of dragon because of the good start. In the happy atmosphere the general manager also did not forget to care about all the staff¡¯s physical and mental health£¬and he also exhorted everyone that it is the most important thing to be safe when working away from home and emphasized on security matters and so on.

Truthfully report from administrative department.

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