The Amendment Conference of Target responsibility book ¡ªof WTD of Zhongneng Company
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The Amendment Conference of Target responsibility book
                                    ¡ªof WTD of Zhongneng Company

The business goal seminar of WTD of Zhongneng Company was held in the Tianci hot spring resort hotel conference hall in Chongqing on January 6£¬2012 afternoon£¬with fine weather. All the staff of WTD of Zhongneng Company came together£¬talking about the course of struggle in 2011£¬sharing the joy of success in the past year£¬drawing up the blueprint of development of 2012 together. And the venue was in a happy and auspicious atmosphere£¬livelily.

The conference was divided into three parts£º

On the afternoon of 6£¬the discussion of target responsibility book held
At first£¬the general manager Mr Zeng gave all the staff of WTD a high affirmation and a high praise for their work in 2011£¬and congratulate this group of young people for their excellent achievement through unremitting efforts. Then£¬Mr Zeng combined with the actual situation£¬and came up with a management target of 2012£¬discussing with everyone. At the meeting£¬everyone expressed his or her own views£¬and the atmosphere of the meeting was so harmonious and agreeable that the book of target responsibility of WTD was identified finally.
Enter the lucky draw session
After the tense meeting£¬everyone enjoyed the fun and pleasure come from games and luckiness. The first prize was drawed by Qi zhuohang£¬and when he took the prize£¬happiness was on his face£¬with others showing envy. The second and third awards were drawed by different lucky dogs. But people who did not draw a prize didn¡¯t go away with empty hands£¬because the game has ensured every staff a gift. Every was happy£¬feeling no fatigue.
3¡¢7th £¬the next day£¬free activity
   After breakfast£¬someone enjoyed the scenery in the beautiful yard and some others took photos or played cards. We were really happy. After lunch£¬we returned happily. The meeting ended satisfactorily.

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